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We have 7 entries for the player Jäcky (AG), from the 2015-05-18 to the 2015-06-11 being in 1 nations (ANI (100%)) and 1 brigades (Arlington (100%))

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# Name Gear Lv. EP EP Diff Fame Fame Diff Win Loss Points Points Diff Brigade Nation
2015-05-18JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-05-19JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-05-20JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-06-08JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-06-09JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-06-10JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
2015-06-11JäckyALv.85 75.27%1.118.610.7540000000ArlingtonANI
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